Legions of Love

This page is under construction! Hi!

Because of Covid-19 - Sessions are presently being done via Skype (Stephanie Du Laux), via telephone (941-243-6305) or via email (dulaux@hotmail.com). I am working on setting up Zoom.

Wearing Masks Mandatory --- In Person sessions will continue in person in Palmetto, FL, and also can be one-on-one at your home within longitude/latitude parameters, and, if you want, very small quiet social gatherings.

As soon as Covid-19 has been eliminated, I look forward to your small quiet social gatherings, along with continued Skype, Zoom (if I have figured it out), and In Person in Palmetto, FL or within longitude/latitude parameters.

Please click here for contact information to schedule.

My Heartfelt appreciation to the Earth Angels - Radleigh Valentine, Kyle Gray and Sylvia Browne, for their guidance, care and love in their teachings, and generosity in their works in helping all of us become more aware of our wonderful support group:

the Legions of Angels and Masters.