Who is Stephanie?

My Life experiences of our fascinating life's components, through Studies and Research, in no particular order or timeline:

Astrology; Numerology; Philosophies; Spirituality; Psychology; Physiology; Crystals & Gemstones; Essential Oils; Biology; Writer; Colour; Aromatherapy; Photography; Quantum Physics; Homeopathy; Acupuncture; Nutrition; Exercise; Body Builder; Angels; Archangels; Ascended Masters; Cosmology; Music; Reiki Master; MD(MA); D.Hom; D.Ac; Dance; Certified Angel Guide; Certified Angel Tarot Reader; Usui Classical Feng Shui Practitioner; Akasha; Courier Broker; Emotions; Restaurateur; Art; Cosmic Clock; Organizer; Mirth; Business Consultant; Transformer; Spiritual Consultant; Human Design/Gene Keys; Manifesting Generator; Certified Angel Guide; Voracious reader & researcher of Truth; Nature, Earth & Animal Lover; Energy Healing; Declutterer; Accountant

Sun-Pisces; Moon-Sagittarius; Rising sign-Virgo; Mercury-Pisces; Venus-Aquarius; Mars-Pisces;

Chinese Zodiac sign-Fire Pig; Ming Gua-7 Dui

And most important of all: MOM; NANA; Fellow Human