Angels work with all humans and follow the directions of the Divine.

Human theological directions are our human way of searching for answers. Some theological examples: traditional canonical Judeo-Christian Bibles, Book of Enoch, Book of Esdras, the Jewish Kabbalah, the Qu'ran, the teachings of the Eastern Orthodox Church, and many more.

Angels do not belong to any particular human group or human organization. They belong to The Divine. And there are many names given by we humans as an identification for The Divine; close to 1000 names. From Abba to The Divine to God to Source to Zur. Whenever I use "The Divine", please use your identification in its stead for your total comfort.

According to Sylvia Browne's Book of Angels (published in 2004), Angels belong to their Angelic group called Phyla, and within the Phyla are ten Phylums, or categories.

The Phylums are as follows:

1st-Angels; 2nd-Archangels; 3rd-Cherubim; 4th-Seraphim;

5th-Powers; 6th-Carrions; 7th-Virtues; 8th-Dominions; 9th-Thrones;


Each Phylum has a purpose and a function. And whenever we require help of any sort, they are with us in an instant. They do all they can and only in accordance with each our personally authored pre-incarnate Divine chart (our blueprints for our lives here on Earth). And only with each our permission.

In summary:

  • Angels are our primary protectors to help each of us overcome our fears and phobias.

  • Archangels are messengers of the Divine and work very hard to help us in every possible way, including delivering Divine messages to us and healing and imbuing us with hope, as well as sending your message to other angels or to another person.

  • Cherubim are beautiful and joyous singers which will help us with any issues of insomnia.

  • Seraphim, also beautiful and joyous singers, help us to remember our prophetic dreams.

  • Both the Cherubim and the Seraphim will come to you if you call them, and their music has powerful healing effects.

  • Powers prime function is healing... healers of our bodies, hearts and minds to enable us to be in peace.

  • Carrions protect us against the entities whose only purpose is to cause us disharmony in all areas of our lives. Carrions are at the ready to remove them when warranted.

  • Virtues understand the frustration and angst which we may experience in our life whilst living our pre-incarnate Divine chart. Their primary purpose is to help us with our charts. And in the event we have discovered we had "bitten off more than we could chew" upon incarnation, they will guide us with our ethics and, if they deem it appropriate, they can modify our charts.

  • Dominions are our record keepers. They are the overseers of Good and the recorders of deeds. All of our actions, deeds and thoughts are recorded and maintained by the Dominions. Our records are available to us at any time, to offer us strength as we continue our path's journey. We can learn to access them ourselves.

  • The Thrones and Principalities are the highest, most elevated, and most spiritual of all the angels. They are usually sent when danger is imminent or when we feel impending mental, physical, emotional, or even psychic harm. We should never hesitate to call on Them in our darkest hour, o when we need guidance.

  • Thrones are Mother God's (Azna) legions, helping us keep our emotions stable and strong, healthy and fertile and being there for us when life overwhelms. They deal with negativity in creation, fighting and banishing the darkness. They protect all of us.

  • Principalities have great power, high intelligence, and stand silently guarding. They are Father God's (OM) legions, silently helping us honour Truth through knowledge and intellect and justice.

We do not worship angels. We work with the angels. They are a gift for us to connect with, for guidance and help in our daily life. They are truly our BBFs! All we have to do is Ask. And they do help, in a loving, peaceful, caring manner. Yet, remember, they need our individual permission to assist us. Because we have Free Will - Freedom of Choice - which is honoured and they are not allowed to interfere in our personal lives; unless we Ask... unless there is a life or death occasion and it is not yet our time to leave earth... then they act quickly.

There are trillions of Angels watching over us.

Over the past decades I have read and studied much about angels. I have discovered Sylvia Browne's The Book of Angels mentioned above to be the best book for you to read, to learn more depth of each of these Phylums.

As an Intuitive, if you choose, my job is to intuitively act as a conduit between you and your Angels, like an electric cord connecting the lamp (you) to the socket (the angels). My personal ego is directed "to the beach", so there is no interference between your angels and you. I use various Angel Cards as guidance for you to see and feel comfort. All your questions are answered gently and fully, with the Angels' and my pure goal of providing you with Self Empowerment to live your life to the highest and best for you.