DAY 1 August 12, 2021 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Musings are lovely snippets of time which we can each use as a key to a doorway to our inner knowingness.

Here is a musing which I had the privilege to receive just now.


You may ask how? How does one muse? And the answer is simple. Every one of us can innately do so.

To start… place your fingers on the keyboard of your computer or typewriter, or hold your pen in your writing hand, with its nib placed on the paper.

Then close your eyes.

First you just need to take a few deep breaths. Why? To help your body to relax and at the same time for you to raise your body’s vibration. To raise it to a point just slightly beyond the type of vibration you use when walking through your daily life.

You may not even notice the raising of your body’s vibration, and it doesn’t matter. Others may find yourself sitting up straighter, or breathing deeper, or suddenly find yourself smiling. Then… you just quiet down and listen. Just breathe normally, filling your lungs with the breath’s energy, and listen. And quietly wait … and listen. And what will happen?

It varies. Perhaps nothing. Perhaps you will just experience a wonderful quiet time, with your fingers resting where you placed them. And that is perfect. You have succeeded. Others may see colours waving back and forth behind your closed eyes. Enjoy the colours. Do not analyze them. Enjoy the beauty of the colours for as long as you wish. Others will become more acutely aware of the sounds and voices external to yourself. That is okay. Just acknowledge them and let them go. In a bit, you won’t even notice the noises or voices any longer. And keep listening for whispers from your own soul. Your inner spirit. Soul = Inner Spirit Self and vice versa.

Know that your mind is simply a field. It is bridge connecting you from your physical spirit-self to the Divine spirit consciousness, or Source. And this is where you want to be. Your soul or spirit-self and the spirit consciousness are in kinship. . Your soul… or spirit-self… is part of the Larger spirit consciousness. You are both One.

And this larger body of spirit consciousness is where all knowledge resides. This knowledge is also your knowledge. This knowledge is like your personal memories library. It is here that your ideas, and thoughts and wishes and wants and desires and thoughts and inspiration and joy reside. This is where you can access all you need to live your life in joy, without any angst. Without any fear. This is where you become aware.

Aware of your own beautiful self… your wonderous spirit. And also aware of an appreciation and love for your own body, which is the transportation portal for your spirit. Your body is the vehicle of your spirit. Your spirit is full of love and intelligence. Your body is your spirit’s protection, its armoured vehicle, so that your spirit-self can direct and help you with all you need to be in order to fulfill your commitment to yourself. And you will realize this help through your "gut" ... aka intuition.

Your commitment is to fulfill all that you designed for yourself in this, your present incarnation. It is what you wrote while pondering a new incarnation, based on all the information you had prior to incarnation, from all your experiences from your prior lifetimes.

And you, as your spirit, now chose your body to be your driver. When you make choices in this incarnation which are not in sync with what you, when in spirit, decided to do, your body will let you know. You may feel a physical action in your body. It could be a headache, a stomachache, a queasiness, or the like, which is your body warning you that the particular decision you have just made is not for your best intent and definitely not according to your initial plan for your present incarnation. And when you listen to your body, and make adjustments, the physical upset will stop. (The trick is to do the adjustments asap.) The path you then continue on will be without rancour. Without challenges. Will unfurl peacefully. There still may be issues to work with because you are in a world of many souls, all of whom have their own paths to follow, and which they may not be on their predestined path, but variances of their own path, which may collide with you as you both walk along in your living incarnations. However, you, on your predestined path, will find yourself dealing with the issue without rancour. Regardless of possible rancour of the other. And so... when do I write, you ask?

What will happen next? You may find yourself typing… or writing. Just write the words as you hear them. Do not analyze the words or your thoughts. Analyzing is your mind trying to take over. And your mind is just a bridge, it doesn’t have knowledge or wisdom.

Just write the words. And write as long as your body is content to be your soul’s vehicle, in your soul's joy of communicating with the knowledge in its larger spirit consciousness. And it is joy. For here is all the information which it can garner and share with you. Which it is doing directly to you .. for you to write on… for as long as it takes.

You will know when it is time to stop. As long as you have not allowed your mind, or ego, to step in and take over, your inner spirit will appear to suddenly stop whispering. And you stop writing, but still wait. There may just have been a pause… which does occur. And then you may even hear, “stop” or “no more just now” or “thanks” or a phrase which is uniquely understandable for you which you will immediately recognize.

Now … how do we recognize if the information is coming from our spirit or from the mind? All information from spirit is presented in kind and loving words and ways. If the words are negative, self-abasing, horrific in any way… that is not your soul. That is an angry mind – ego. In such a case, stop. Breathe. Think of a beautiful loving moment in your life, and the negativity will immediately disappear.

Why? Because we humans are incapable of housing negative and positive thoughts at the same time. And positive thoughts are more powerful than negative thoughts. Negative thoughts may be louder because they know the positive thoughts are more powerful, so the negative thoughts have to be the bully they are and shout louder. Yet, the positive thought’s energies and vibrations will always win.

Hence thinking a beautiful loving moment in your life, with nullify the negative thoughts, and on you continue.. enjoying the moments and the sheer joy of writing with knowledge.

Enjoy your musings!